News — 20 March 2012
10 Reasons to Join the National Hispanic Hepatitis Awareness Day
  1. BE PART OF A GROWING NATIONAL SOCIAL MARKETING CAMPAIGN whose mission is to educate Hispanics/Latinos about viral hepatitis, encourage them to get tested for hepatitis and advocate for those living with the virus.
  2. NETWORK, collaborate and partner with national and local public health and Hispanic/Latino leaders, giving you the opportunity to meet local groups and strengthen your ties to public health and community leaders, form local planning committees, share resources and stay connected with participating organizations.
  3. RECEIVE AN NHHAD CAMPAIGN KIT, which is filled with a wealth of information and resources to help build your organization’s capacity. Included are fact sheets on Hispanics/Latinos and hepatitis, NHHAD Posters, key campaign tips and strategies on working with Communities of Faith, Hispanic/Latino communities and the Media.
  4. ACCESS RESOURCES AVAILABLE ON THE NHHAD WEBSITE,, such as the electronic version of the NHHAD poster where you can add your local event information onto the poster; order bilingual literature, pamphlets, etc; and access multimedia tools such as PSA’s, event pictures, and podcasts.
  5. PUBLICIZE YOUR EVENT ON THE NHHAD WEBSITE by creating your own NHHAD event page on the NHHAD website. All those who visit the website including media outlets and community members will have all of your NHHAD event information to promote collaboration.
  6. Recieve Information in how to connect with a health provider in order to ADMINISTRATE THE HEPATITIS C TEST. 
  7. CAPACITY BUILDING ASSISTANCE is provided to help you plan and execute a successful NHHAD event through webinars. Topics covered are event planning strategies, how to raise funds, etc.
  8. LEARN HOW TO WORK WITH THE TRADITIONAL AND SOCIAL MEDIA by participating in the Media 101 training, Social Media training and utilizing the Sample Press Release, Media Alert, and PSA script available in the campaign toolkit.
  9. SPREAD THE WORD about your Organization by being actively involved in a nationwide social marketing campaign, giving your organization exposure to national and local media outlets. By holding an NHHAD event, public awareness and recognition of your organization will significantly improve, most likely increasing the number of clients seeking services at your organization.
  10. HELP RAISE AWARENESS ABOUT VIRAL HEPATITIS IN THE HISPANIC/LATINO COMMUNITY and be at the forefront of a campaign to stop viral hepatitis from afflicting one of this country’s largest minority groups, Hispanics/Latinos. NHHAD will galvanize our voices and actions by raising awareness and responding to the hepatitis crisis within Hispanic/Latino communities.

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